We help in extremely difficult situations

Accident Services

Many of us have experienced a minor fender-bender since we began to drive, but when a catastrophic accident resulting in serious injury or death takes us by surprise, we need a reliable and knowledgeable accident attorney to help us though the subsequent trauma. Clausen and Moore believes that you have the right to compensation by the party responsible for your injuries.

After an accident, victims suffer physical, emotional, and financial damage. Unfortunately, sometimes insurance companies use unprofessional and fraudulent methods to ensure their clients— responsible parties— do not have to compensate for their actions. Only the best accident attorneys can help relieve the burden caused by such situations. That’s where Clausen and Moore comes in. We are well-educated and diligent about insurance fraud, car accident laws, and much more when it comes to recovering compensation for our clients.

We have experience in the following, and much more:
Car and truck accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Pedestrian accidents
Bicycle accidents
Vehicle rollovers
Burst/separated tire treads
ATV / Rhino / off-road vehicles
Train and railroad accidents
Boat accidents
Road design
Aviation: aircraft and helicopters
Driving while intoxicated/under the influence
Liquor licensing/third party responsibility
Lost wages